The life of Jackie O
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2002-02-11 17:40:12 (UTC)

More stereotypical teenage mush!

Okay, I met the most gorgeous guy I've ever seen in my life.
He plays guitar/sings for The Bronson Kids, a band that my
friend Andrew is in. I saw him at Andrew's yesterday while
Go Metric! was playing I think...and I was like whoa...and
then Tyler, my ex-boyfriend, went tell him I thought he was
hot...and then The Bronson Kids played...he was REALLY good.
He can sing really well and he's very good at guitar. I'm so
excited! So then I got all upset b/c he was supposed to ask
for my number but he wouldn't approach me! I almost left,
but something told me to stay so I went back. Finally we
started talking and I think we really hit it off. So then he
was in my car b/c I went pick it up from my uncle's house
and he walked there with me, and he asked for my number! So
hopefully we will be doing something sometime this week or
maybe next weekend. I am so excited!

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