2002-02-11 17:38:35 (UTC)

i don't give head

today, while in the media center, I felt happy. I
haven't remembered the last time that I was completlely
happy. A sense of "aok" washed up over me so now I don't
feel bad or anything. Dude, I don't remember the last time
I had a kick ass feeling such as this. Oh! I just forgot, I
wanted to tell you about the party. Dude, it was
terrible...once again I felt like a little kitty among
Banes. Ev'ry one was so different. I mean, I can be kooky
and say some sexual shit but ev'ryone was just being nasty.
Excuse me if I don't want to give head...excuuuse me for
finding the idea of warm cum hanging down my chin...nasty