2002-02-11 13:48:09 (UTC)

Over the weekend...

Yesterday (sunday) I drove my grandma to Greensboro to see
her sister (her sister is in the hospital- she had a minor
stroke). I don't know why, but afterwards I was in a
perfectly sour mood.

I just felt really depressed and grouchy and anti-human.
Travis (as always) caught all my grief in a downpour of
tears. I feel like I can't control my life. It's like
it's been torn away from me.

I can't control myself. I can't control my emotions. I'm
spinning out of control and nothing I can do or tell myself
helps any...

The only thing keeping me from hurting myself right about
now is Travis.

I found a really great comic called Nowhere Girl... It's
online at It really expresses a lot of
how I feel. I love it when she said (uh oh normal people)
which is what I always think whenever I see someone other
than Travis and myself.

He and I probably look like the most dorky, off balance,
psychotic couple of all time to "normal" people. But
that's alright. I don't care. All I know is that I'm
happy with him and we make sense to each other.

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