Staring at the walls...
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2001-04-27 00:26:12 (UTC)

April 26, 2001

Wahoo! I'm going to have to celebrate! I did 1,052 words
yesterday! YAY!!!

Urgh. This really shouldn't be such a big deal. I used to
make my goal almost every day. It's just been hard lately,
what with staying after school a lot for CSF community
service hours, and all my stupid homework I've been
getting. Hopefully, hopefully, hopefully, I'll be able to
reach it more, and soon.

Also, I've got to leave right after school tomorrow for
Auburn, and am going to be there all weekend, so I'm almost
surely not going to be able to make my entry here. I'll
write them, and type them up on Monday, when I get back