Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-02-11 09:38:44 (UTC)

A Day Of Minor Regrets.

1. Regret not shaving recently. My face feels really sore
all over and I hate it. I've got to get out of bed to do
it, now, instead of just showering (getting out of bed to,
oh you know)

2. Regret not having spoken to one of my friends a lot
sooner. It'd been almost a month. Too long.

3. Regret doing nothing between 11am and 11pm except
watching sport. I'll say I was taking advantage. You'll say
I was being lazy. I had an omelette, too, mind.

That's all really. Didn't do anything to be proud of.
Rarely ever do. Its true. Its all just neutral.

WILT? Frank Sinatra & Bono - I've Got You Under My Skin.

I'm having a glass of port, too. Its 9.41 in the morning!