Snowy's Saga
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2002-02-11 08:21:34 (UTC)

About Me

Hey, my first entry was going to be private, but since I'm
going public, I might as well introduce myself. My name is
Nicole, I am turning 20 in June. I am attending college in
NJ but I live in NY. Some of the main people in my life
right now are:

Simon- there will be plenty of entries about him. We've
known each other for 3 years and its always been the wrong
time for us to get together. except for this winter
break. we spent the entire month together and it was
amazing. we really fell in love with each other, but when
we got back to school, we had to face reality. or at least
simon had to. i'm still dealing with the emotional baggage
he left me carrying when he left. he goes to school in
maryland while i'm in nj. he says he doesn't want a
relationship but i kinda's tough.

Jamie- one of my three housemates and one of my best
friends. my logical force. my guiding light. she puts my
life back into focus when i screw it up by making it

Mandy- another one of my housemates. she's just like me in
the sense that we're both naive and foolish when it comes
to boys. we both need to have a guy in our life to make us
feel worthwhile, even though we're both pretty attractive

Wendy- my last housemate. although she can be quite the
pessimist, i loe her for her strength. shes amazing when
it comes to that. if a guy doesnt call her, she doesnt
call him or get all bent out of shape. i give her alot of

Kimberly- my roommate from last year and another girl of
our group. right now she is dealing with her own situation
about remaining strong despite her weakness for this
particular guy (who is very taken).

Christina- Kimberly's roommate and the last member of our
elite member at my school. christina and I are kinda in
the same boat. her boyfriend has been toying with her mind
these past few weeks and she finally gave him the ultimatum
and shes trying to stick to it. good girl

Well, now that you know me, feel free to email me any
suggestions. It might be difficult, but see if u can keep
up with my hectic lovelife!! good luck!!