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2002-02-11 08:14:35 (UTC)


Hmm.. it has been awhile hasn't it.. since.. *looks*
January 27th. Wow am I a slacker :)
Well..not really..just been busy and absent minded is
all :) So I've seen a few movies lately. Rat Race, Curse of
the Jade Scorpion, Snatch, Count of Monte Cristo. And I
introduced my boyfriend, Conrad, to Clerks and Mallrats.
He's seen Chasing Amy and Dogma and was only recently
informed of thier connection and wanted to watch them in
order before we saw Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. I
commended him on his thoughtfulness as it will lead to many
jokes he'll understand. All of the movies I've seen lately
are great.. Rat Race was hilarious, jade Scorpion was my
first Woddy Allen movie and I thoroughly enjoyed
it..Snatch..was..GOOD.. I have one thing to say..never piss
off a Gypsy..and especially not a whole band of them
*smiles* Oh..and the Count of Monte Cristo was an excellent
piece of film work wonderfully told with some really cool
filming techniques. And Now I sound like a film
On the other hand.. i have been trying to find Conrad a
Valentine's gift, which I have to tell you is not as easy
as it sounds *smiles* I finally decided on something, but
I'll tell you after Valentine's cause I can't remember if
Conrad reads this or not *giggles*
Not a whole lot has happened. I got my hair trimmed and
I'm gonna dye it red again. We got Kira a hairstyle and
bangs too. And we got her some new earrings for
Valntine's ..she should like them alot. One pair of silver
hearts and one pair of gold butterflies.
Conrad and I will have the house to ourselves for a couple
of nights. It should be nice .. I don't know wht we'll do.
Maybe we'll christen the counters or something *giggles* I
should make sure they're really clean first though.
Oh..there is the fact that I'm now lactating.. can you
believe that crap..like 2 months beofre I'm suppose to.
*sighs* Won't that be a surprise to Conrad. We'll see how
he takes it.
On the up side, Joey and I are doing better. The tension
isn't likeit use to be now that he has accepted me and
Conrad. We actually talk about things now. It's rather

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