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2002-02-11 03:51:53 (UTC)

now...the trials of life of a scared naive infant

When I did go wrong in the path of my life? Everything seemed
to go well. How could I not forsee the dangers that lie
ahead that nearly leaded to my own desocration? Now I stand
upon my own crossroads. No one is there for me, I know this
my own lone problem that can only be solved by myself. I
have my intentions but I don't have heart or the will to
carry them on. What do i do now? Do i stay here waiting for
something to just come by & push me to the unknown or just
act upon my emotions & urges. I have faced so many
different problems within. So many times have I changed
myself to suit my own heart & mind yet no matter it won't
accept what I can give. I've become worst & worst as the
rejections of the mind & heart pile up. I can't change anything
in this world. I can preach all i want, but i won't make a
difference. I've finally realized that; i finally realized
the truth that was reality & not the truth of my own
surreal world. I can't forget the trials of my life &
because I can't let go of the past i'm stuck, stuck forever
in an chasm. A deep well of everything that had brought me
to this state. Now, i just can't move. Push me someone,
push me.....