My Life (Condensed Version)
2002-02-11 03:36:44 (UTC)

Boring Sundays...

eh, today was nothing special. ma woke me up at the butt-
crack of dawn to ask if i wanted to go to sunday school,
but i had spent the night at Jenna's the day before so i
was dead to the world, even though i did have that three
hour nap... so i slept in til 'round 11:30ish,
had "breakfast" and watched Puxatawney Phil (good movie!)
on FOX. lol.

I finished reading all my fics today, praise God (cept for
Heather's, grrr.... you need to update hun!! lol). That
took a LONG time. but they ALL have sex scenes, don't
enjoy that. cuz if you skip over a chapter, you miss the
plot line of the story. plot lines ALWAYS change during
sex scenes, dang flabbit. i hate that.

I don't have a game to cheer at on Monday so i am HAPPY! I
HATE cheerleading, i HATE cheerleading, I HATE
CHEERLEADING.... what happened to the fun in it guys?!?!
lol. i'm glad, only two more weeks of that crap, and then

WE HAVE TUESDAY OFF! yay! becca wiseman jenna & i are
taking a vise versa shopping spree feild trip! lol. becca
& i are getting BIG belts and some "authentic" t-shirts...
even though we are going stag... lol, if you can't find a
decent guy for a date, don't spoil the fun! just go!

someone find me a good guy... *sigh*

Later Days everyone...

Kara Jo