Is the Supercross season not here yet?
2002-02-11 03:29:54 (UTC)

ABC Rules!!!!

Ok, yet again I've been slacking off of keeping this diary
thing on a daily basis. But since hardly anyone reads it
anyway, who's going to care.
Ok, Round 6 of SX was awesome. Bust fist of all poor
Travis, he was doing so good, leading and all, and BAMM, he
just can't keep the freaking bike on both wheels! I'm glad
RC didn't win, same thing with Brown. I don't like Brown,
I'm not sure why, personality conflict or something? But
Reed, deserved it, and Brown didn't really put up much of
fight once he got around him... Anyway... I wish ESPN could
cover the races a bit more like ABC so we actually get to
see all the important crashes, and key things! Grrrr, oh
Well, as I sat around watching some lame-ass Disney movie
with 7 other people this afternoon, I came to the
conclusion, that I'm pretty damn cool. I have interests
(that are interesting, exciting and I love 'em), I'm not
dull, and I have a pretty good existence.
And this whole week I'm doing tech. for a musical at
church, so that sucks. My week is shot. Grrrrr. But I
need the money to help me get my ass to Russia this summer,
so I can deal.
Ok, well I can't think of anything else to say. So, maybe
this week will go by really quick and the guy of my dreams
will come and take me away one the back of his dirt bike.
How sad am I? Jeez