Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2002-02-11 03:15:24 (UTC)

The by-product of anger

Poetry. :-D Lol. Unfourtunatly, some of the more scary
parts of me seep out when im angry or depressed...

Watching my pain bleed from my wrist
I wonder how it all came to this
So alone and so in despair
Im fallign from the weight of the cross I bear
I stand alone, numbed in vain
Because all of this life shall not remain
Its a joke, all the life we give
Ha! You cant even call this life we live
More like condemnations for sins uncommitted
All our freedoms now are forfieted
Our past generations sent us to Hell
And the new generations care less if its well
Blood drips onto the clean white floor
Making it dirty where it wasnt before
Just as our freedoms are taken away
So is our innocence, and we have nothing to say
Our pain and work is for no reason
All our labour is out of season
Alone and empty here we stand
No one here to take our hand
Blood, it leaks from our souls
Never again shall we be whole
Were baned forever by the rest
And as I get this off my chest
We all slowly begin to die
And youre ignorant enough to wonder why.

I wasnt mad at my mom and/or dad today... no... not at

Matt, angel, I love you so much and i miss you
Marie, huggles, i loves you guys too