Do I get my lap dance now?
2002-02-11 03:14:37 (UTC)

Don't bother with the bowling shoes

Ha ha ha. I'm such a dork. So my mom freaks out whenever
Griff and I go somewhere together. She's certain we're
doing it or something. Griff of all people. Bleah. But
anyway, April was off screwing some dirty old man on Friday
night, but my mom didn't know about it, so I told her she
and I were going to coffee, and instead Griff and I rented
some movies and went over to his place to watch them. It's
easier for me if I lie to my mom about where I'll be,
rather than have a huge argument about who's over at
Griff's house to supervise me and then have her staying up
all night to worry about my well-being.
So all went well and I pulled it off because there was no
reason for suspicion or anything like that, and April came
back into town Saturday afternoon, and IMed me, asking if I
went to coffee or not. My message machine was on, but 15
minutes later, I replied that "Yes, and if my parents are
concerned, so did you."

A little while after that, I was in the kitchen with my mom
mashing some potatoes and having a jolly great time when
April shows up at my front door. I didn't care. I figured
she'd just come over to elaborate on the story or
something. Or crash diner time. Whatever, so I'm still
mashing and whipping and standing around, and April plops
down on the counter and says "So did you go to coffee last
night?" And I froze. And my eyes darted at her. And I
stopped breathing. And she says "So what? You didn't?"
And I'm still not breathing. So I panic, and say "Come
with me!" And we dash off to my room and I'm shakking like
a punk and asked her if she read my IM and she said I never
messaged her back. God, her internet server sucks. So
because of lack of communication, I was screwed.

I then retreated to April's house and stayed there all
night and al day. I was white as a ghost and so fucking
quiet all night. I was so scared.

So I finally grew some balls and came home at about five
o'clock this evening. April pretty much got tired of
looking at me on her couch and kicked me out. My mom kept
giving me that look. It's so scary. You know that look.
So now we have an anti-trust agreement. I lie because she
doesn't trust me, and she doesn't trust me because I lie.
That's the way it'll be forever, and we'll just have to
live with it.

current mood: uneasy
current tune: The Beatles - Revolution
current advice: play it cool, man. It's so much easier to
talk your way out of trouble if you just play it cool.