even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2002-02-11 03:10:20 (UTC)

fr aye aye aye day

so, friday was also good.. peopel came over, starting with
kelly, we made some cookies, whihc ended up getting burnt,
but it was fun, and then sam came, and was like, sad, and
sat upstairs by himself... and its like, ok... what do you
do? so we wlet him go be sad by himself, cause its liek,
we wanted to talk, but.. he didn't.. he ended up elaving
early, and driving around i think, or.. playng
basketball... i don;t know.. then joselin and amanda came
over, and it was fun... and then aum and mike, and the dogs
got out, but those boys caught them, so it was ok... and we
sat for a little bit, and.. talked maybe...? i don't
rememeber, yea the boys ate.... oy this is all after
schhoolll.. i felt terribel in school, i didn;t want to do
antyhing, and i seltp all in speech and i had to leave
early, and i forgot to tell alex... i asked mike to meet
her and take her home, and hgave gave him some money and
some food.. hehe, like a bum... and that must have been a
bit odd for alex, but it was very nice of both of them.. ok
so i go to the doctor, and they like burn this skin thing
off with liquid nitrogen, which is liek, amazing... ok.. so
then i go home and all those above thigs happen.. ok so...
everyone eats, and then.. we go up stairs to watch the
movie, the mod squad, it was terrible, but... we had a good
time, aum amanda and i left to get soem coffee, but we got
half way around the block before comgin home, and making
our own coffee.. we drank some coffee, finished the movie,
jason came over, and we all talked for a little bit, kelly
and jason left, sam had left a while before, so we sat and
talked for a while... and nobody left until they really had
to, cause it was good talking.. and i burnt the cookies..
and hugs were good on the way out.. it was amandas "first
time" so to speak and hehe, its so cute! she was like, wave
bye! and i was like, we hug at the door, and she was like,
oh.. ok! and boy hugs are always really great.. i thin boys
are my favorite thing... i took a big personal step, i
think, as far as not being scared... and it, personally,
blew me away for like, 10 entire mintues... so.. thats hwy
i am starting to rock my own world.. ah!

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