why me....
2001-04-26 22:46:12 (UTC)

would they really care?

Hey whats up? nothing here....I finally went back to school
today... I still feel sick but my mommy said I have to go
to school cuz I have to have one whole day this week cuz my
prom is this friday.. and I'm gonna be leaving early on
friday.. okies OMG my ass still hurts sooo BAD!! AHH I'm
sooo stupid! NE wayz...umm today TOTALLY blew and I mean
TOTALLY... since I finally went back to school and found
out that I'm failing ohh ALL my classes... and I have soo
much make up work...I'm pretty much screwed... and and now
the prom's tomorrow night ohh and OF COURSE I still don't
have a date... hmm what else is new?? besides me COMPLEATLY
NOT WANTING TO GO TO MY PROM.... I don't know what to do
anymore...besides coming home from school and crying well
becasue I'm me... isn't that enouhg haven't I had enouhg...
why do I take it why do I let them do it to me?? WHY.... WILL
SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE ME ANSWERS!! I mean would anyone really
really miss me if I was gone.. I THINK NOT!! I really don't
think a a single person would...peace I'm out :-(