Squeeb's world
2002-02-11 02:53:35 (UTC)

Something fishy

K. I am getting seriously irritated. It's the Jess-thing
again. So a couple of weeks ago she emails me and says
she'll try and call me that week, that she misses me etc
etc. So she doesn't call. Ok, so I try AGAIN to call her and
as always, I get the bloody machine. Ok something is up
there because I try like 3 times a week and always get the
machine? First off that is weird to begin with because you
would think that eventually you'd get a hold of someONE. But
no... and secondly... if you leave countless messages,
wouldn't you think that eventually someone would get back to
you? But noooooo... apparently not. And she's supposed to be
my best friend! Ok so then the other night I call and the
new boyfriend actually answers... and I ask for her and he
says "Sure just a minute" and then he goes "Oh well, who's
calling?" and I tell him and he's all like "Oh well she
can't come to the phone right now" SURE. So I leave a
message and ask for her to PLEASE call me back. "Does she
have your number?" Yes but I'm damnwell leaving it just in
case. And THEN he says to me "Oh well I won't bother taking
it because we have call display." OK Buddy! Just give her
the GD message! But that was Thursday and I have heard hide
nor hair from her since and I called again today and got...
surprise, surprise the machine. Enough already! I would LIKE
to speak to my best friend! Grrr.
Ok side note- I am soooooo suffering withdrawal from
Kurtis. I missed him so much during the game last night and
then again on the one on tv today... And I went out and
bought a hockey doll and named him Kurtis... and then today,
just cuz, I added him to my Friends list. Pathetic, I know
but what can you do? Oh and here's another thing. I've been
notcing a lot lately how much I miss watching Scott play.
Last night I was watching the game but I was so totally
picturing HIM out there. I guess I was spoiled those 4 years
I got to watch him. He truly was amazing to watch... every
now and again I pull out my old tape of news clips and see
some of his old moves and I am in awe. The world is truly
missing out... But who knows, maybe the Lord has something
else in store for him other than hockey.

Current mood: miffed and nostalgic
Current music: "The Game is Over"- N'SYNC

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