My Life
2002-02-11 02:46:05 (UTC)

Terry's true

Chris did not call Thursday like he said he would and he
didn't call me during the weekend to tell me about coming
over tonight. He has emailed me tonight but no word from
him. I'm afraid all he wants is sex and that is not enough
too base a relationship on for me. Nor do I want to sleep
with someone who I don't care for. I'm disappointed in
him.........or maybe me, because I thought he was different
and again, i'm wrong.
Alpha was good tonight, I was in a bad blue depressed mood
all day and i need to go there to pray and hear his word.
Dan came into our room for dinner and looked like he was
looking for me, he saw me and waved hello.
I saw Steve at church today with his older girlfriend in
her black leather pants........i judged her and kind of
felt bad about it. But geez, i just kept watching them. She
looked like she was smothering him. And his son and
daughter wouldn't even sit with them.
Then I went to the pharmacy and i saw Steve L. of all
people, my first boyfriend. We smiled at eachother and i
thought, is that him? he looks so different, he has a pony
tail now??? I was surprised.........he probably thought i
looked a lot different too.