Mysterious Attitude
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2002-02-11 02:38:57 (UTC)

Another Poem

Well... like out of no where today this gurl Ims me and
askes me to join this poetry club. I told her that I would
love to join, the club has yet to really start but I'm goin
to try and help her get sum more members. :) Anyway... she
also asked me to help her write a poem for her
friend/sumwhat second mother. She gave me a paragraph that
described the person... and I came up with this poem :
(Chris my uncles ex gurlfriend wrote the last 6 lines of
the poem)

The One I Care About

By: Helena and Chrisy

Your the one I care about,
The one I can't live without.
I love you just like a mother,
And you call me your daughter.

Your always there for me,
And I'm always there for you,
No matter what time brings,
We'll still be in each others hearts.

I love the way you can always make a gloomy day,
Turn into one filled with sunshine and laugher.
We always laugh while together,
Laughs shared between you and I.

We have secrets,
Only us two can hear.
I can always trust you,
And you can trust me.

I believe that our friendship is a miracle...that will
come true.
It is our friendship and moment through and through
I believe that if you cry and when your sad and lonely,
Others feel your pain.
But you know when you have a friend like me,
All will be said in vain.

Well, there it is. I think I did pretty damn good
considering I don't the person I wrote it about lol. I just
hope the gurl likes it :)