even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2002-02-11 02:25:54 (UTC)


so i woke up this morning.. and htought, i have the choice
to make my life how it is, cause of that tom robbins things
i have on my mirror, and ireally started to make today
good, but.. i h ad to wake up early, and mom yelled at me
and made me ccry on the way to work, and it was kind of
terrible, and i forgot about my choice, and things got
bad... i mean, just not good.. they weren;t bad.. they
being my day... i wore a cow suit and tsood outside
peddling ice cream for two hours, and that was interesting,
to say the least... 7 an hour, not so bad... then i cut
strawberrys for like an hour in a closet... and then i
scooped for a while, and it wasn;t as fun as i rememebred,
and fuckign maury only gave me 6 in tips... kinda made me
mad... but... im not good at meeting and establishing good
relatiosips with peopel that id ont; really know but i need
too.. like making friends is kind of hard for me.. so i
wasn;t super frteindly with the people at work, cause if i
dont; have anything to say, and i dont; usually with peopel
that id ont; knwo very well, i just won;t say antyihgn,a nd
i guess people might take that as rude... id ont; knwo.. i
hate me sometimes...