dismal life
2002-02-11 02:16:27 (UTC)


Today was kinda interesting.

First off got my eyebrows waxed..finally

MiKey came over to beg for my forgiveness....Why?? I love
him yes I do but why does he have to be so stupid?

Christine was very angry today...She had a fight with her
mother again! She was supposed to sleep over my house today
and go to school with me tomorrow but I don't see that
happening because her boyfriend came to see her and she
probably just went home with him...Oh well

I can't believe I saw Dustin yesterday. It brought back so
many memories of the old days when we just didn't give a
fuck. God I miss those days. I love just hooking up with
anybody! I want to hook up with Alex just once! Just to see
how good he is....

I am just so upset....I hate my life. Nothing ever goes
right for me. BLAH!