U think u know, but u have no Idea
2002-02-11 00:56:27 (UTC)

Emma's party

well emma's party was ... interesting, stewart through him
self at me, caitlin and becca striped for the guys, ian
took porno pics of cait, bec, and em, malcom alomst punched
a hole through emma's wall, and molly and megan hit on jon
the whole night..... I thought it was kinda eventful. Well
I'll just tell my story. So I purposly tried to look kinda
good for this party. I made my mom do this smoky eye make-
up thingy, and wore this see-through peasent shirt,and
tight jeans. My hair has gotten long, and instead of
putting it behind my ears, I let it hang in my face. I
really didn't know if anyone would notice, but when hayden
and malcom got there and stared at me for a few secs. I was
like "I better get hit on tonight!" lol ( I said that to my
self) so then stewart gets there, I was like hmm, he looks
ok, I may flirt w/ him latr. But bec and cait were like
being kinda hoeish so I was like umm, and sat in a corner.
But then I was drinking root beer, and I swaer to god,
there was some alchohol, becuz I got really woozy, and i
was kinda laughing dumb, and he came up to me and put his
arm around me and pulled me real close to him, he was
like " You ok?" I was like yeah I'm fine, then he like said
something else but i didn't understand him, all I could
smell was his colonge. so then I went and sat in a corner,
cuz i was totally like gone. and he came over and put his
arm around me and kept playing w/ my hair and stuff, and
like putting his arm around my waist, and playing drums on
my stomach... it was really weird. then a slow song came on
the tv and he's like lets dance, and he made me get up and
he put his hands on my hips and just started dancing, I was
just stanging there, honestly i was not interested in him.
And every time I went to get another drink , he got up too,
and would ask somthing dumb, like where's the water, when
it was right there. then when I was watching tv and he came
over, and sat behind me, I kinda leaned back, like sub-
consiously, and he was playing with my earings and
whishpering in my ear, it was really reall mushy, like in
the movies. and the whole time i was just like what??? then
he made me spill my drink becuz he took it from me and took
a sip, and when he tried to give it back to me, he missed
my hand,and we spilled it on the pool table, I called him
stupid.... well screamed. I thought he might get the hint.
2 seconds later. he was telling me how I wouldn't belong
to "the singles club"( a joke w/ me and all my single
friends) anymore soon. i looked at him like what are you
talking about and he just smiled... I honestly dont like
him... anymore. OHH GOD HERE'S THE WORSE, we came like this
close to hooking up. thank god i realized what was going
on. i was walking to the bathroom, and he was holding my
hand, and it was dark, then he closed the door behind us,
but then I turned on the light,lol. I don't wanna even go
into the other stories. I would tell you about the other
events of the night, diary, but I gotta do a bibliography
so till next time
bye diary
ps anyone who reads this, what should I do about my
gorgeous friend throughing himself at me, i don't want a
relationship w/ him right now. PLEASE HELP

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