a poetic Heartº
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2002-02-11 00:22:11 (UTC)

Playa In Love

You see I’m going to tell this to you straight
I’m a girl who loves to have a little fun
My eyes do slip from time to time
They look around even when your mine
This may hurt or even ache
But I do swear everything I say and do with those other guys
I never mean
You’re the only one for me
Baby I love you and It’s original for my eyes to wonder
Your special to me, and All those other guys, well honey,
there not you

I’m a player
Just like everyone else
I get trapped in there web and they scroll me in
But I come out with the same heart that I always had
See I’m a player, But this players In love with you

If this were to ever interfere with you and I
I’d give it up without a second thought
Nothing could ever change my mind,
Cause my love for you is more than any of then combined.
You’re my paradise, and those other guys don’ t mean a
thing to me
All girls, see we have an attitude, and all girls are pricks
I should know, I’m one of ‘em
I know my eyes aren’t always true, But baby don’t worry
My hearts only big enough for you


All the tears that I cry
And all the cuties passin by
Never mount to nothing’
To all the kisses you give
And every moment I live
I know I’ve got my love right here in my arms

They could send me a dozen roses darlin’
I still wouldn’t care
Still wouldn’t mount up to all the lovin’ we share
I know my man would never do me wrong
Players be true to your man,
that’s why I’m singin’ this song