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2002-02-10 23:48:49 (UTC)


i had everything figured out.
and there was so much i had to say.
and you got out of your car.
you looked at me.
and you said.
there is much i have to say.
so many times youve hurt me.
so much that i wish i could tell you.
and so much i know you already know.
and i dont want to fight.
i dont need to know anymore.
i dont want to miss you like this.
because i dont know you anymore.
so lets not read our lines.
lets not let this fall into everything else.
and this is the last time for us.
so can we just sit and laugh at ourselves.
realize the love..
the love is what its about.
and baby, i just want to hold you.
and maybe it wont change anything.
maybe i cant save your world.
but i cant deal with hating you like this.
because its just that i wanted you to be so much more than
you can.
and i cant make you happy.
and i have given you everything i possibly can
theres nothing left for me to give.
and nothing left of me anymore.
so go and be free
laugh and be happy.
because thats all that matters to me anymore.
all i want is for you to be okay.
without knowning that i know that i would never be.
so please.
just go.
and please.
never doubt my love for you.
never think anything i did was to spite you.
id rather die than cry anymore.
i cant feel my face anymore.
my tears have lost their taste.
its about the love baby.
not this.
nothing was ever about this.