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2002-02-10 23:39:28 (UTC)

No title

the flowers in your eyes
makes me want to believe the lies
your smell drifts from your hair
into my room
and im wondering if youre really here
or if i really care
or want to know
what youre thinking
when the birds all fly away
and the sea is green with envy
where will you be
and will i decide to stay
apologizes seep into my brain
and we should run away
faaaarrr away
do i want to kiss you
or do i want to forget you
*is this worth the pain
i know will come soon*
the night is falling on my skin
and the coldness comes with the wind
flowers and blue potions
rain of your tears
positioned to fall on my flesh
i want to feel you closer and harder
i want to catch your breath for you
can i tell you that i love you yet
can you hear me say these words
when youre so far away from me
far away from flowers and this sky
so far far away
from me

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