Squeeb's world
2002-02-10 23:32:33 (UTC)

Where are you baby?

So suffering withdrawal it's not even funny. I had hoped to
see him at the game last night but he wasn't there. Oh well.
I soooo just want to talk to him. I enjoy it immensely even
if he is a pig half the time. And I keep thinking of... darn
you baby! Ok so today I watched the Petes/Montreal game on
tv- how cool was that to see them on tv? It's been a LONG
LONG time... anyways. There was an ouchie for Matt
Herneisen- oh yeah and the stupid commentator kept saying
his name wrong and pissing me off. So anyways Matt went into
the glass- like the SIDE of the glass with his face. I was
like OUCH but it showed a close-up of him on the bench
so.... (= He's hot. And well done David Currie! You rock!

Current mood: happy
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