Mysterious Attitude
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2002-02-10 22:43:56 (UTC)

A Poem and A Song

I was in my bedroom last night where I came across a song I
had to write for my social studies class as well as a poem
I wrote Jan. 27.2002. So I decided to put them on here :)

Tha Song: I wrote tha song for a project for social studies
class. The song had to be bout a wife who's husband it out
at sea and she don't know if he will come back home or not.
So I pulled out Ginuwine's new cd The Life and used the
songs Why Did u Go and How Deep Is Your love, to help me
write the song. At first my song had tha same beat as tha
song Why Did U Go, I just changed tha words a lil bit ...
but then I couldn't keep up with tha same beat so I just
had tha words to my song but no music. Everytime I hear tha
song Why Did U Go... I still sing tha first part of my song
lol :) Well here it is.

Why Did U Leave

Why did you go,
Why did you leave,
Why did you set sail out into the sea,
Why haven't you came back to me?

Verse 1:
He's been gone for months or so,
He left me all alone to set sail into the sea,
I miss him so and I wish he would come back to me,
But I don't know when he will return home.


Verse 2:
He's been gone for a while you know,
But I think it's time for him to come home.
I've been patient and it's cool and all,
But he left me all alone and don't even seem to care.
I don't know what to do,
But I know I'm about to lose my mind,
If you don't come back from the sea.


Verse 3:
I've been lonely,
So lonely,
And hating every second of it baby.
I can't sleep right one more night,
Until you come back to me.
I would give up almost anything to have u back in my life.


Tha Poem: At 4:01 a.m. I was wide awake and bored out of my
mind. I think I was listening to music and I had sum
thoughts come to my mind. So I wrote them down and came up
with this long poem. It is untitled for now and I don't
even know how it sounds yet. But here it is:


As I sit here thinking about you,
Blurred illusions play back in my mind.
My emotions are mixed,
My dreams are dimmed,
For all I can do is think of you.

I wish you were here,
Just holding me tight,
Telling me everything will be all right.

Oh, how I wish for that day to come,
The day all my dreams come true.
My emotions will be normal,
My mind will be free.
Free from the prison,
In which you have held me.

I can't break this chain,
Oh, how I wish I could,
This chain upon my broken heart.

I sometimes think you will unlock this chain,
To set me free,
But as soon as my hopes afloat,
You bring them down with a single word.

I try to ignore you,
But I know I can't,
So I must remain your prisoner,
Until I break free.

Breaking free is hard to do,
When you have no idea what to do.
Should I sit here,
And watch my life fly by?
Or shall I stand into the light?

Break these chains,
Mend my heart.
Open the door in which you have shut,
Walk out into a day untouched.

Let my dreams soar,
My emotions sail free,
The day you stopped loving me.

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