Jan's Life
2002-02-10 22:43:14 (UTC)

~*~ I LoVe ThE WoRlD~*~

Hey! Yes! I'm FINALLY going out with Luke... but omg,
like ALL the parents hate me because I made out with Luke
the day he asked me out. I told him to slow down though.
Ugh I hate parents! They hear the little things and put
them all together to make it bigger and bigger. They don't
even know the whole story! I really do care what parents
think about me! Well... me and Luke are goin good besides
that tho.. Except the trust thing. He liked Whitney when
he asked me out so I lost some trust in him... So now it
really bothers him that I don't trust him as mch as I
should... But What can i do?! It'll just take time. But
Luke is a real sweety. I can tell he cares alot about me
it just bugs me how fast he moves. I know from experience
I like people ALOT better when they take things slow..
cause then I know for sure they aren;t using me. Well
we'll see how my love life goes in awhile.. if I get hurt
again.. OOoo I'll be pissed. Well school is ALOT better!
The end of the school year is ALWAYS best for me! It's
when I get confident cause I'm playin sports, and I have
bf's... and I go to HS games and stuff. Wow.. I hope 8th
grade turns out really good! Last year in MS!! Well gtg!