emo kween

i hug pillows
2002-02-10 22:17:05 (UTC)

this is not a laughing matter

im so sad. i cant control the size of my boobs, and they
grow every week. i dont need any more, someone please take
some of mine....please? :[

and im sore. my entire body hurts. im weak. ive had a
constant headache since yesterday. what is going on here??

i havent talked to belo since last nite and she was too
sick to go out so i was with court and mike ...it was fun.

i havent talked to nicole and i heard that 'someone' told
her things that wearnt true but i dont care at all really.
i dont put up with shit from anyone, and i dont need to.

and valentiens day is this week. im still against it. its dumb and
overrated and i dont want to be involved n it at all whatsoever. ive
had 'valentines' in the past and all that mess and even if i have one
or not, i still think its nothing. no big deal to me. just a regular
day to me. haha.

yesterday my daddy turned 38. or 39?

and im spent.

seeyalateraligator. %stefanyyyy%

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