little mind farts...
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2002-02-10 21:27:56 (UTC)

the arrow strikes...

valentines day is coming. this year i don't have a
valentine. however, i see how "love" obbessed we are. i
mean that's not a bad thing but it's funny how everyone on
some level is looking for someone to love and someone to
share their insanity
it's cool though because love is a wonderful feeling and
although i have only experenced true romantic love once...i
would definitly want to feel it again. is our society
addicted to love? the people that i hang around love and
relationships are very popular topics. :0) relationships
consume your being and it's only natural to get lost in it
i guess.
i look at my friends and i and my family members and
everyone's quest for that someone. it's interesting to
reflect upon. to see how much analyzation goes into love.
it's amazing the analzyation that i have gone through. hee-
hee :0)
the more that i write in here the more i have to say.
it's like my mind diarehha ( i mis-spelled that..hee-hee)
theory. thought overload and it all comes out so quickly
that you have a hard time keeping up with ideas and things.
you know who is a really good artist? pete yorn. he is
really really good. he has a really seducative voice. i
could lost in it.
yesterday my friend ashley and i went "guy shopping".
hee-hee it was funny. it was fun. :0) of course as always
we got hit on by the people we didn't want to get hit on
by. lol but hey sometimes shit happenes. i was still
flattered when i was hit on buy someone whom i wasn't
attracted to b/c the simple fact that he wanted to talk to
me was cool. by him doing that it showed that he though
that i was attractive and i would thank him but politely
say "non thanks". there is no reason to get ignorant and
mean when a guy hits on you and you aren't interested. be
polite , smile and say no thanx. only get bitchy if you
have to! hee-hee :0)

-michelle :0)

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