2002-02-10 20:57:02 (UTC)

Teen Agnst

Mmm, updates... yum! Well well well. Alot has happened over
the last three months. I started dating one of my friend's
how's name is Chad in November, then we broke up about
three weeks later. We got back together on December 25th,
and broke up again January 17th. Then a few days after
that. I started dating Chad's friend (and mine), Matt. We
broke up a few days ago, on the 13th, and now Chad and I
are flirting again. He says that he loves me, and I know
that I love him, but we are'nt dating... We are acting as
if we're dating; we're holding hands all the time, hugging
eachother good-bye, talking on the phone 24/7, kissin' and
huggin' ect... but he says it'd be too dramatic if we
started dating. I asked him if I started dating some other
guy, if he would get upset, and he said yes; like I would.
So, we're practically dating already, but he wont take it
to the next step... Garrhh, I'm all confusled and such.
grr. Too many evil boy troubles. But, ~*~Siiiiiigh~*~
that's all a normal day of life for a little teen girl. I
should just go lesbian and foeget about guys... Ffeh.