Forgotten Misery
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2002-02-10 20:26:25 (UTC)


Well worked on my car today with the pops. Replaced one of
my fog lights,oil cap,and Pcv. My car however still needs
more work but thats for another day I gota go back out and
but some new things to hold my hood up cause the other ones
are worn out and work only on hott days so u have to hold
the hood up while trying to fix the car let me tell u thats
a pain in the ass. I stayed out entirley to late last
night and im paying for it today but hell steak and shake
in the middle of the night rocks I love cheeses fries! The
dance was insaness last night all the grinding and shit was
so funny not to mention people think i rock cause i wouldnt
dance with nick jills boy cause he was trying to be nice
and i was like nope i mean ewe i dont wanna dance with him
lol hes dirty lol j/j! Jill his girl laughed so hard it
was great i think im like the only girl thats ever turned
his ass down it was great! Oh yeah called geoff last night
cause i knew he be drunk hes geoff when is he not drunk on
a saturday night? So that gave me and lauren some
amusement nothing like drunk people they are so stupid! Im
sorry but i no longer have the desire to smoke pop pills
smoke weed or even really drink anymore well i refuse to
get drunk cause thats dumb. Drinking is ok but not in
large amounts or for the wrong reasons! Well before i get
the mom going here im gonna get off got some studying to do
when do i not?

The T-Funk

Words of Wisdom:: Dont worry over things u have no control