The lost little girl
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2002-02-10 19:12:50 (UTC)

i guess...

i'm gonna do the same thing that my buddy jeff did...so this
is all about me..

ok..my name is Jane..
i have many nick names: Jellen (my mom calls me
that),Scooter, Flash, Bella ( my pirate name),Nat ( my
charlie's angels name), tall one( did i mention i'm
6'-6'1),but most people call me janie.
i live in the middle of no where. nothing spec about that. i
listen to pretty much anything. My fav bands are : Linkin
Park, Disturbed, Dropkick Murphys, Jane's Addiction, nine
inch nails, STP (stone temple pilots), Van Morrison,
Blink-182, jimmie eat world, Guster...and that's just a

my email is [email protected]
my AIM is LukaAngel01
if anyone cares...

i'm deffinately a strange person,..my favorite pieces of
clothing are my Marroon baggy cords, my Tinkerbell shirt, my
linkin park hoodie.and of course my sneaks...i love them so

i don't know what else to say..i'm me...

i think :) !!

i did a quote in the other one so i won't do another...