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2001-04-26 18:24:52 (UTC)

I can't believe myself sometimes......

Hey there, I am totally upset. Tim had gotten me a bracelet
for one Valentine's day, and yesterday, without knowing, I
threw it away!!!!!!! It happened today when it just hit me
that I had stuck it in my purse and the next day I had some
cookies in my purse wrapped in some napkins so I could eat
them later, well a few days ago I cleaned out my purse at
school and just tipped my purse over thinking there was
only cookies, well little be known, I must have dropped the
pretty little bracelet that he gave me! I was so upset at
school. I was going to look through the trash, but the
trash has already been taken out. I think that i am gonna
get my lazy but out to the mall and buy another one. But
that bracelet had sentimental value, because he bought it
for me, and it was special. I know he is going to be sooo
upset!! It is like I threw away a hundred dollars or so.
Don't you hate that??? Why does shit happen to me like
that??? why??

On a better note, I am talking to my friend Darby again.
Him and I have always had a rocky friendship.Mainly because
his feelings were more than friendship,and I just didn't
know what I wanted, and then I only wanted to be friends,
and then we would bicker and fight on and off. But I am
glad that we are friends now. And he knows that I am
totally heed over heels in love with Tim. I could never
cheat on Tim, or ever have feelings for more than
friendship with Darby. I hate sharing details like that
with Tim, because I know that he would think that I am up
to something like more than a friendship with Darby, and I
hope he would never think that. I am kind of scared to
mention that to him though.

But I hear his b.s about his friends that are girls. I hate
it kind of. Because he like brags or over stresses about
Tessy coming over and hanging out with him and Kevin or
hanging out with Angela. See, I trust him completely with
his feelings with his girl friends but I don't trust the
girls all that well. Some I do, but some I don't. I guess
he feels the same way too sometimes. I miss tim already. I
haven't seen him since sunday:( and it is thursday! I need
to get out today and do something other than sitting around
the house on my day off. It is pretty nice out. Maybe I
should get dressed and go out. Look presentable for once. I
can never look presentable getting ready at the buttcrack
of dawn.

Oh well........ I haven't talked to Amy for a while since
she came over a week ago. Probably busy with the baby and
school. Well, whoever reads this i thank you, even though
noone probably does:( well, I'll w/b. Love, Me:)

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