The Eye of the Storm
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2002-02-10 18:38:04 (UTC)

Irony is blissfully hellish

Ok. well i went bowling last night with chris, then we went
to a dance, which was surprisingly fun. i met a buncha
guys, slow danced w/ chris once, and then all the other
dances guys came up to me, which was kinda scary but thats
ok. then i came home, the entire time he wouldnt let me
touch a door. at all. nope. he had to open and close every
door, i wasnt allowed out of his moms car until he came
around and helped me out.. it was cool. then he walked me
up to my door, gave me a kiss on da cheek, a huge hug, then
left. and then all night i had freaky ass dreams of him and
aubrey. most of them were just dreams, but some were like
actual feelings mixed with memorys added in, it was like it
was actually happening. well, the conversations at least, i
dont think they have a sand castle farm anywhere near by...
lol :) and i had a bigger house.. and aubrey was there, and
he had different hair style and a gotee.. and sunglasses..
it was kinda wierd. holy shit. i just noticed something.
*alot a cursing and swearing/throwing things around.*
remember the first week me and brett were going out but not
officially? we were just fooling around.. ?? then he LEFT
FOR 3 DAYS... and i went out with some guy which noone ever
found out about.. eek.. well uh, hehe, uh, see, me and
aubrey are pretty much going out, and we only started on
wednesday, then thursday we were kissin, and then fri he
left for catalina.. almost exactly what happened w/ brett..
(for those of you who dont know who brett is, he is my ex
bf the only one i actually loved, and said so.. then the
asshole dumped me cause his friends didnt like me, but he
didnt have the balls to say it to my face) except you have
to triple each day... this is getting rather scary. eek.
um. michelle scared now... not good. i hope this isnt
another brett thing. if it turns out that way i will have
to hurt someone. preferably greg. so if u hear him
screaming for his precious lil balls then its probably
another brett thing. keyword "lil" in that phrase. ok, so i
was thinking i wouldnt have to pick a certain guy now. oh
hell no. now im dealing with more guys. i swear i should
turn into a friggin lesbian maybe that would solve it
all... jk!!! altho i would get more chicks then most
guys.... lol. im bad. eek. well im gonna go. later


Btw, greg is a stupid pathetic mortal that lives near me, a
common enemy among friends. dont worry, i couldnt remove
his backtires anyways, he doesnt have any to remove.


"MONKEY!!!!!" - Aubrey
"Whats a bus like you doing in a girl like this...?"- Chris