between love and hate

there is a thin line
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2001-04-26 18:08:51 (UTC)


well i dressed(the plan was to dress in desquize
so i dressed in pleather pants a mid length pleather
jacet)a wig long hair is red and medium
length.and stelleto heels all dressed in black...
and i looked totaly oppisite than my normal self
looked really nice....different,i think i look good
had big hair!!!!and long!!! so i get on the plane
3 and 1/2 hours and was very nervious...felt like a
school lots of looks on the plane......
i felt like a different person and it was all for my
husband....add a little spice to things ,remember i
havnt seen him in over a month......wanted to be
playful and keep things going and interesting..
anyway got off the plane in boston and saw my husband
waitting with my sister n law and brother n law
he looked roight at me and never gave me a second look
so i walked around him and put his back toward me and
was going to go up to him and grab him.....but just
about there and he turned around and grabbed me and
kissed me long and passionately.....and looked at me
and smiled as he was laughing,and said i smelled you.
i know the smell of you i could tell you were here
i know the smell of my woman.....and kissed me again.
we left the airport and as we road in the back seat
of the car i felt like a school girl who had just
fallen in love for the very first time.we kissed and
held hands.we couldnt keep our hands to our selves..
we get to the motel and my husband is running up the
staires to our room.....he was half
he hit the door!!!!pants were off....sister and
brother n law in tears laughing at him......
he opens the door nearly nacked....candels ,flowers
all over the room.......wasnt that sweet..need less
to say what we did........good thing that the hotel
took our bagage up for us....heheheheheh
anyway will write more later........
untill then the saga ends

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