The lost little girl
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2002-02-10 17:20:22 (UTC)

completely torn...

ok, so imagine if you will...

you're quite often depressed, your sister-your brother in
law- and your nephew are in a very scary country, your
mother is bitchy at you ( for god knows what),you are in
debt, you have no job,you don't go to college, you're
single, you're 18, and still a virgin...things aren't going
well. you then attempt to talk to someone who is your best
friend about it.Not looking for pity or answers or anything
like that...they said " what's wrong" so you intend to break
open and let your heart pour so it's off your chest. you
want to vent. Just looking for someone to listen. and what
do they do, they say some immature joke, probably just for a
laugh. you know what, it doesn't matter, i found it rude and
very ..well...not nice.and the turn out of it all..you look
like the bitch in the subject..well WTF???i might as well
continue on with other things b'cuz if i keep on this track
i'll end up just in tears again.jeez..don't want to do that!
The baby is doing well ( my sister's,...i don't have
one).they send pictures all the time. He's so beautiful. I
can't wait to see him in person. The was one picture of my
brother in law ( Ron) and sebastian and sebastian has this
little hat on...it's so cute..well i have nothing more to
add cuz it's been a long night/morning...i will talk to you


Daily Quote: " She's sun and rain.She's fire and ice.a little crazy but it's nice,and
when she gets mad you best leave her alone. Cuz she'll rage
just like a river, then she'll beg you to forgive her.she's
every woman that i've ever known. she's so New York, and
then L.A. and every town along away. she's everywhere that
i've never been She's makin' love on rainy nights, she's a stroll through christmas lights...she's anything but typical, she's so
unpredictable.oh but even at her worst she ain't that bad.she's as real as real can be. and she's every fantasy... "- Garth Brooks "
She's every woman"

( i'm not a big fan of country, my mom is, so i know this

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