Letterboxing Adventures
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2002-02-10 16:37:46 (UTC)

letterboxig Columbus,Ohio ~ floatflute ~

Beautiful day Saturday 9 2002, February
Got to the OSU letterbox but couldnt drive and navagate at the same time..I need a large breasted female partner to help me drive to these letterboxes !
Went to leatherlips,whet-stone,Park of Roses,And Field of Corn. I placed a microboxes There for others to enjoy in the future.
5 stamp images in all...and one placed
P35 F33 X1

lots of action starting around Cincy for Letterboxing.New boxres are coming out to stamp my,and flyfishers boxes ! I hope it gets to be as big as in Conn.but who knows.
Raining today. im glad I took advantage of thr 60 º weather yesterday.
Team Boji, L&M....Who are these people?
All are welcome.
Whereelse can you have the combonation of:
Hiking,Artsy eraser carving, A treasure Hunt,Hide & Seek !
Team boli stamped in at East Fork, and could have satmped another only an 1/8 th mile away down the trail....Wild Things !!!!

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