the expunged refuse of my evil mind
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2002-02-10 15:37:59 (UTC)

odd dream

i had a dream last night. its odd because i normally dont
remember my dreams at all. its been a really long time since
anything has stuck and its kinda a big thing i guess. anyhoo, my
dream was odd. i was at some sort of school, looked like mine,
but it wasnt. i was walking with matt and morgan. matt left, and
me and morgan started to run. we ran around the floor, like we
were late. i knew that i had gone past my class, so i was just
running with morgan. we ran through this hallway with people
eating, and i saw elchin. he had light blue spikey hair. i stopped
to talk to him for a sec, and he asked me to stay and eat with
him. morgan started signaling to me to come with her. i was
talking to elchin for a little while, then morgan broke down crying.
she was reaaly crying, like as if someone died. i dunno what this
means. its obviously got something to do with the whole
situation between me matt and her. i hope this all works out. ive
decided to not tell morgan how i feel about her, and let matt be
with her. it makes everything so much simpler. but i really want
to tell her how i feel. this sucks. i cant stand it. the one time when
i think i was going to be happy, something fucked up happens. it
always happens. thats just my life i guess. its strange that
whenever i remember a dream, it always includes morgan.