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2002-02-10 14:37:35 (UTC)

10 February 2002, Sunday

I received a mail from Fon, my Thai friend, she frankly
says I should not be thinking of her or miss her too much
as we can only be friend now...well I was quite hurt
seriously as I was actually hopping to win her heart, but
then to think about it, we know each other less than 5
days...anyway, is good too that I leave my option open

I went nite shopping with my parent and sister with her
husband and daughter, hardly I go out with them cos got
nothing to talk about...but anyway tomorrow is Lunar New
Year Eve.

Received her call in office, I realise did not feel
anything now as I know she did not call just to say hi and
true enough, she wanted to ask for off tomorrow so I just
say go ahead as I also dun wanna see her tomorrow too.

I hope my new Lunar year will be a better one, horse year
and hope I can be flying high like a good horse.

Wish me luck then.....:)