Evil Elvis
2002-02-10 13:28:23 (UTC)

Trivial Pursuit.....the pursuit of trivia and other such nonsense


What does God do on a Sunday?!! I bet he wakes early
(probably with a thumping headache, that communion wine is
toxic material) and probably secretly wishes that all those
bell ringers and church singers would just shut the fuck up
to allow him some peace! Seeeee, it's not really peace on
earth ro any of that shit, he just wants to watch

Today I have been constructive (not as constructive as god,
cos like he made everything-allegedly) but still....for me
on a Sunday morning we're talking fairly constructive!!

I tidied the house, like really tidied, polished n
everything...serious tidiness...almost like a fresh start,
except it's the same old surroundings.

I worry that people worry.....I'm pretty much fine. Can't
keep throwing strops any time stuiff doesnt go my way,
you'd think I'd be used to it by now. So yes, I am
fine...in my own way.

I am the worlds most melodramatic man, need to remember to
take a step back from situations and survey them....things
arent that bad are they really? Nah, just not quite what I
had in mind......