A Girl's life
2001-04-26 17:37:06 (UTC)

April 26, 2001

Dear Diary,
Today is Thursday, and I’m at home sitting around like a
damn bum. lol. Well I have decided to get my GED and to
later go to college. It really is 100 times easier than
graduating at 21 or 22. Because that will most likely be
when I graduate if I stay in school. Anyways, I’m not mad
at Mike; I’m ok with everything now. Haha! I’m starting to
see him as an older brother who’s over-protective of me. He
doesn’t like me talking to these people (guys) who i/m me
all the time. He’s like the older brother I never had,
except that he’s really hot. So I’ll deal with that. So I
want to color my hair today or sometime this week. It’s
probably going to be like a light brown. And I have to
relax my roots too. I haven’t done that in the longest.
Well besides that stuff, I have nothing else going on in my
life. I guess I’ll come back on later today if not whenever
something cool happens to me, which means never. Just
kidding! So I’ll talk to you laterz. Peace! J