De-Tet-aCh Memoir
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2002-02-10 09:09:31 (UTC)

Alternate Climate

Sunday 10/02/02

After consecutive days of cold weather, it;s finally warmm
again!!! really weird ...

had a good 12 hrs sleep ..woke up at 2pm...sleep's a luxury
nowadays...havta wake up at 7am i take long
sleeps on weekends : P

hung around the flat with ben, and watched the winter
olympics on tv...really entertaining...popped downtown for
some groceries in the evening...stopping by Jung's flat on
the way..he's gettin on fine, with 2 new female
flatties.... also learnt that the Koreans celebrate the
Lunar new year too!! hmmm... anyway, it was good catchin up
with him...he's busy learning Mandarin and it is always
good hearin him talk about his travel experiences..he's
been backpackin the globe since he left the navy...finally
settled in welly to do another major.... great stuff..

work week starts tomoro...and it's new year's eve
i wish i am back home now...