All Fucked Up
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2002-02-10 07:39:16 (UTC)

Phalguna's Smile

The way that Phalguna Dasa smiled fuckin' slayed me off the
face of the world. In all existential decay and woe I could
be literally reduced to the bedrock consciousness of
existence...say, maybe on my death bed or worse-- being
told that all the Bengali-Kheer had run out-- but whenever
Phalguna smiled it brightened up the darkest regions of
self induced purgatory. In earlier years I was an
existentialist, dismissing everything as "nothing"......but
Phalguna, although unaware of this, has slapped my other
cheek, thus opening my eyes to the world at large. It's your life in a perpetual state of
zombification, then mainlining an eightball of heroin
through your short, it's a newborn awakening.
Phalguna was that type of guy, who, if caught speeding,
could easily get out of the mess w/o saying a word. That
smile, ahhh.....that pearly white smile that could bring
satan to tears......that can stop traffic and much more.
That smile is the reason I'm still alive and have much to
smile over


Jaya Sri Krishna Chaitanya Prabhu Nityananda Sri Advaita
Gadadhara Sri Vaisadye Gaur Bhakta Vrnde

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