It smells like poop over here
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2002-02-10 07:05:45 (UTC)

we've changed a lot and then some some,

know that we have always been down down!" 311 rocks. i
can't wait to see em in april. wrestling wasn't all bad
today. didn't have to do 40 bumps, just warm up a bit, did
some rehearsals and then had matches. i even hit a
moonsault from the top rope. it was scary as hell, but i
can do it all the time now, but my knees hurt like hell. i
think im gonna get knee braces and put em on under my pads.
i worked a match too; me, travis and rich vs. brian d and
big brian (the heratics). i only tagged in for a few
minutes, but i dominated for those. i hit a drop kick to
the corner, and told brian d to move when i threw my
moonsault, then we had the hot tag. i think it went over
pretty well.
of course, after matches, a lot of the guys do plancha
and pascadoes. i did my first ever plancha, onto people at
least. i've thown pascadoes onto padding before, that was
cool too, but the plancha kicked ass, i didn't even grab
the ropes. i just ran and jump over them. it was killer.
and patrick wasn't really stiff with me, usually when he
hits me, he HITS me. but he didn't even touch me today. i
think i've weaseled some respect outta him.
i got to give my finisher to rich. it's a cross between
a pedigree and a piledriver. i get em set up for a
piledriver, then push them down onto their face and stomach
and i sit down. travis said it looked cool, but im sure it
needs some work. id like to find a way to jump with it. i
took my first ever power bomb too, rich gave me one, then
travis gave me the razor's edge (knocked the wind outta me
a little).
got home, showered up and me, rich, chris and kevin s
(i haven't seen him since we graduated) went to the vu. it
was a good time i guess, bunch of new girls, mostly
butterfaces, but i can't complain, looking like i do. now
im home, my knees are sore as hell and im tired. check yall