emo kween

i hug pillows
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2002-02-10 06:48:02 (UTC)

my great ring

i didnt write about yesterday. it was ...ok. weird and
crazy and good and bad. all kinda things.

odu library was fun haha.

im sleepy.

and today was great too.

i saw jd at wrv and i was so excited haha. i was with court
all day. we went to lynnhaven mall and then to wrv....then
to my house for a quick change and then mike picked us up
and we went to adams friend blakes house and that

im dumb. haha.

belo is sick. so i didnt see her at all today.

and im talkin to stephen. hes still interesting haha.

i learn something new everyday.

but this is all im gonna write. later.


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