All Fucked Up
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2002-02-10 05:29:52 (UTC)

Sanitation Day Notes

Russell Ashby burst out of the door attired in nothing more
than tight fitting red underwear, accentuated by the
vuluptous curve of his flabby white, hairless stomach. He
had heard the garbage men approaching his house from
inside, where he was watching the episode of All In The
Family in which Carlton, the doorman from Rhoda was guest
starring, and knew very well what kind of shit was about to
go down-- it hadn't been the first time that the L.A.
county sanitation men had mistaken the large pile of
seemingly useless odds and ends on his yard and half of the
street facing his home to be garbage. As he burst open the
door, thus causing him to fly out in the same movement in
what appeared to be slow motion, he cried out a death-
defying, "NoOoOoooOoO!!!!!"

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