A Closed Mind is An Open Book
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2002-02-10 03:35:04 (UTC)

Cat Killer

I was driving home from the school tonight after we got
back from our trip to Charleston, and it being dark out
naturally dark objects on the road are going to be harder
to see. Well as I was driving I thought I saw something in
the road. Assuming it was a dead animal I was going to try
and avoid running over it but there was a car to my left
and I curb to my right so the only choice I had was to run
over it. But as I was nearly on top of it the "dead" cat
turned its head and looked me dead in the eyes. There was
absolutly nothing I could do but hit it. I can't get the
thumping sound of me killing that poor little animal out of
my head. I feel horrible. I feel like the worst person on
earth. That poor helpless little kitty. Someone had to have
hit it before I did or else it would have moved. I wish I
had been paying closer attention to the road or something
that way I would have noticed it was still alive and I
could have tried to help it or something. But no I had to
be the idiot blonde I am and not pay enough attention and
kill a poor innocent helpless creature. I feel so guilty.