2002-02-10 03:07:33 (UTC)


Ok, well there are two things mainly on my mind:
Jeremy and 9-11. I will write about today first, which
goes into the subject of Jeremy and then I will write about
what I am feeling about 9-11.
Mrs. Sharon woke me up this morning wanting me to
babysit Alex for her. She asked me a long time ago if I
was willing to babysit for her sometimes, but today was my
first time to babysit for her. Mr. Larry was there for a
little while to "let me get used to Alex." He liked me
almost immediatly, and, I know it sounds weird, but I had
fun. Jeremy picked me up and we went to get a Gameshark
for him. We went to his house for a little while, and then
to the mall. Tara was working....freaky!!! She like hates
us now or something. That is good though, because I dont
like her either. Me and Jeremy left. We made love at my
house. It was different this time. I knew I loved him
more than I do myself or anything else, but it is like some
sort of pull or something was there pulling us together
even more. It was the best. I am confident that he knows
part of how much I love him but I know he could never
imagine all of it. And I can imagine how much he loves me
better too. I dont know how to explain it!!!
Now, about 9-11. I dont know what to say. It still
makes me cry. When my exboyfriend was telling me that it
happened while we were at school, I didnt believe it....I
guess I knew he was cruel, but I didnt know he was as cruel
as to be happy about it so we would go into war. When I
went to Florida for this summer, we celebrated the forth of
July. We had a choice if we wanted to go or not...and even
though I am scared to death of firecrackers I went. I
remember thinking that nothing like that would ever happen
to the US. I WAS WRONG. Its not that important to me to
be right, but i so badly wish that i had been right. Why
do I still cry over it? Am I the only one?
Well, I have to go for now. Ill write again!