Dave's Mental Meanderings
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2002-02-10 02:38:00 (UTC)

Poem - "Hero"

When your train has derailed and you can’t find the tracks,
When you’re finally ready to face the facts,
When you don’t want to go but there’s no turning back,
So you strap yourself in and brace for impact
And hope that your soul survives intact.
You know that the time for pretending is over
‘Cause the wind blew away that last four-leaf clover
That was helping you hang onto a half-hearted lie,
So you look in the mirror and say with a sigh,
“Christ, do I have to go through with it all?”
But sooner or later, you gotta take the fall.
You’re finally ready to rip off your mask
And let loose the questions you dared not ask,
It’s never an easy or painless task,
But it’s way too late to make an excuse,
‘Cause all hell is about to break loose.
Carnage and havoc will run free in your head,
Common sense was just left for dead,
All sense of closure has long since fled,
And for a while entropy takes the wheel
And plows right through that blockade of steel.
You’ll swear there ain’t no reason or rhyme,
But things will sort themselves out in time,
And you’ll look back at the steep, rocky climb
With a sense of confused, elated despair.
You’ll think “Wow, things look different down there,”
And at first you’re not sure which you really like more,
The white peak of Everest or the blurred ocean floor.
Just give it some time, that’s all it takes,
Soon you’ll be able to see through the fakes,
And evade the assassins that are trying to kill you,
And refuse the poison that promises to fulfill you.
You’re wiser now, and stronger inside,
It’s good for your soul, bad for your pride.
It don’t matter that Jesus and Mohammed lied,
There ain’t no chapter for what you’re going through,
The only hero that matters is you.

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