A ShiTTy GaMe CaLL LiFe
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2002-02-10 01:39:31 (UTC)

Dreams do come true...

saturday 02.09.02

he came to visit me on thursday nite. we spent da nite
together and he took me to school on friday morning. i had
a good day at school cuz i had a good start. i would be
very happy if i can wake up every morning next to him.
then he came back on friday nite. he's so silly. he was
so tired and sleepy. i just spent the nite lying next to
him...while he's off in dreamland. i just lied next to
him...watching him...touching his face...realizing how
lucky i am to have him in my life.

he's on his way back home now. =( i wish he didn't have
to go. but jaymie is sick, so he has to go back. i dunno
why...but my heartached to badly when he told me that he's
going back home. sometimes i scare myself, knowing that
someone can affect me so much, mean so much to me, someone
that i cherish so much. will he ever know this?

im happy that he came for the past two days. i'll miss him
while he's gone. but he wont be far..cuz he's right here
in my heart.

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