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2002-02-09 23:23:21 (UTC)

Tha Poems I Wrote/Gave To Andria

Well, a few days after x-mas I wrote Andria bout 3 poems,
but later on I put them together and came up with only 2. I
also gave her one of my older poems cuz it sorta fit tha
theme. It took me over 3 hours to write and rewrite the
poems onto purple and pink heart paper to make them look
nice. As u know she read them and she didn't say anything
so here are tha famous poems.

~*~*I'm In Love With U~*~*

When I first saw you,
I had my doubts,
But I soon fell in love with you,
And now i don't know what to do.

I just hope you feel the same about me,
I wish you would hold me in your arms,
And tell me that you love me too...
All my dreams would come true.

I'm in love with you,
But I don't know what to do.
And I know u are more then just a friend,
That you make my life complete.

When I hear your voice,
All my sorrow disappears,
When I look into your eyes,
I see a whole furture of you and I.

Baby.... Your know that I love you,
I never knew I could feel this way.
I don't even know the words to say,
And I don't know what to do.
But I do know..
I'm in love with you.

*It was normal computer paper and typed out on tha



We've been friends since I can remember,
You have always been there,
It's like your my other half.
We've done so many things together,
And always stuck together no matter what,
Even after all these years.
Your my best friend,
We're closer then two can be.
The one I love with all my heart,
The one I can't live without.
I know we will stay friends forever.

*It was on tha pretty paper that has a marble purple,
pink, and like gray border with a pink rose on tha top of
tha paper with a yellow and blackish marble color around
it ... and a redish/brownish color line around it shaped
like a diamond. Which also matched tha envelope. I wrote in
a pinkish/redish gel pen so it would also match tha colors.
Sum of the parts of the poem we're inpirsed by I think a
song by Jagged Egde, cuz that's what I was listenin to
while I was writing it :)



I'm in love with you,
The way you talk,
The way you move,
Everything about you is perfect to me.

Your all I ever think about,
Your the stars of my dreams.
You know that I love you,
You know how I feel about you,
Your my everything.

When I'm around you,
I get this feeling I can't explain,
I just hope you feel the same thing.

I just want to hold you,
And protect you from all harm.
I would never do anything to hurt you,
You know I'm always here for you.

I just wanna be with you,
But I know I never will be,
All my dreams would come true if I was.
I just wish you would give it a chance,
Please just give it a chance,
I promise nothing will ever break our friendship.

*Written on pink Princess paper with tha same gel pen as
the Friends poem. Eh... as I read these over I've noticed
they sorta suck lol. But anyway that last poem is tha one
that I think got to her =-/ So there are tha poems... now
let me move on to tha chat me and her had Friday night at

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